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  • Positive-Seal-Valve

    PEBCO®’s Positive Seal Valve (PSV) provides positive flow termination in gravity flow and differential pressure applications for powders, slurries, and liquids up to 14.9 psig.

  • 48 Inch (in) Burner Isolation (BIV) Gate Valves


    • Inlet flange access cover
    • Extent of outlet flange access over
    • Blade in open position
    • Solid guards on top slotted guards son bottom

  • Burner Isolation Valve 22 Inch (in)


    • Gasketed access cover top and bottom
    • 1/8" removable top dust cover with handles
    • Limit switches will be Prewired using Reinforced vinyl flexible conduit fittings wires will be landed on 18 block, 35 mm DIN Rail using phoenix OTTA6 ring terminals

  • 10.78 Inch (in) Burner Isolation Valves (BIV) - 2