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PEBCO Cascade Chute®  ensures that material particles are kept in mass flow form and at low velocity throughout the extended length of the chute. This minimizes the liberation of dust particles and greatly reduces or eliminates particle degradation.
Unit of Measure


Materials of Construction for Cones

N/A Aluminum Fiberglass Steel TIVAR 88-2 ESD

Cone Liners

N/A 304 Stainless Steel 316 Stainless Steel Ceramic Chromium Carbide Mild Steel Type 240 AR Steel Type 400 AR Steel UHMW

Sleeve Materials

N/A Black Neoprene Coverlight Red Silicone/Fiberglass, High Temp Vinyl Coated Polyester

Winch Drives - Lifting Operators

N/A Integral Drives Remotely Located


N/A Trimming spoons
Spray rings
Single and dual axis gimbals
Cement skirts
Product sensors
Plugged chute sensors
Load cells
Speed reducers
Transporters, moving and stationary
Static dissipating sleeve and cones
Field adjustable variable cone angles