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The PEBCO® Telescopic Chute is used for abrasive or large particle size material on stackout systems, barge loading and high tonnage loading applications.
Unit of Measure


Materials of Construction

N/A 304 Stainless Steel 316 Stainless Steel Mild Steel TIVAR 1000 TIVAR 88-2 ESD Type 240 AR Steel Type 400 AR Steel

Winch Drives - Lifting Operators

N/A Hydraulic Cylinders Integral Drives Pneumatic Cylinders Remotely Located


N/A Discharge Dust Collection Skirted Trimming Spoons


N/A fixed tubes for extreme fluctuations on loading heights
plugged chute sensors
tube seals
outer sleeve assembly for dust control
pivoting gimbal for single and dual directions
spray rings
product sensors
drop in tube liners
controls and control panels/pendant stations